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Story Time Favourites – Book 2: Big Bear Hug

February 5, 2015

The next book to be included on the Story Time Favorites book list is Big Bear Hug, written and illustrated by Canadian author Nicholas Oldland!

"Over the last 14 years, I have literally read hundreds of books to my children. Big Bear Hug is a book both mommies and children will love. This story's emphasis on love and kindness teaches little ones a different way to resolve conflicts, while learning an environmental message. This book will put a smile on your face!"

Genevieve, mother of 4 children

About the story:

Big Bear Hug tells the tale of a large, endearing black bear so filled with happiness and love that he hugs any living thing that crosses his path, even animals bears aren't usually known to hug. But trees are the apple of his eye, and he hugs them all, big or small.

One day, the bear sees a man walking into the forest with a large axe and make his way toward one of the most beautiful and ancient trees in the forest. The bear soon realizes the man does not simply intend to admire this tree. To the bear’s horror, the man does the unthinkable and begins to chop down the tree. As the bear’s overwhelming rage threatens to consume him, he must find a way to save the tree while remaining true to his heart and nature.

While the environmental message in Big Bear Hug is a powerful one, the book’s quick humor and simple storyline are enough to make it accessible to young children and engage their attention.

Through the power of the hug, the author preaches self-control and non-violence. He also emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s self, and that violent behavior is never the right answer. 

In sum, this book is sure to please the tree hugger in all of us, and maybe create a whole new generation of little tree huggers!

About the author:

Nicholas Oldland earned a degree in Fine Arts at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick and is now creative director and one of the owners of a popular apparel company called Hatley, for which he has been illustrating prints for children’s pyjamas over the past decade. This is reflected in his illustrations, as the book’s rustic-styles digital artwork clearly looks like a pyjama print!

The Big Bear Hug was published in 2009 and was his first picture book. His other books include big bear, but with new friends and stories. These are:

• The Busy Beaver, 2011| Author & Illustrator
• Dinosaur Countdown, 2012| Author & Illustrator
• Making the Moose Out of Life, 2010| Author & Illustrator
• Up the Creek, 2013| Author & Illustrator
• Walk on the Wild Side, 2015| Author & Illustrator