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Story Time Favourites - Book 3: Mommy's Best Kisses

June 16, 2015

The third book featured in our series "Story Time Favorites," is Mommy's Best Kisses, written by Margaret Anastas and illustrated by Susan Winter.

“I absolutely love this book. I used to read it to my eldest son and now to my youngest. This beautiful, soothing story about the mother-child bond through loving kisses is perfect for any bedtime routine."

Sarah, mother of two children

About the Story:

There are so many ways to say I love you, but nothing beats a mother’s loving kisses. Baby’s tummy, cheeks, toes, nose, hands all want to be kissed over and over, and this book illustrates mothers indulging their little ones!

The beautiful pencil drawn illustrations show animal mothers kissing their babies as they get ready for bed. The book lends well to interaction given the many opportunities to point out animals and give kisses as you read, so it’s perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers. This is also a great book for a good snuggle, creating a privileged moment to nurture your parent-child bond.

As for the book’s poetry and literature, what can I say...I think it’s wonderful! The word choice is simple and short enough to keep a child engaged. The rhyme scheme isn’t at all forced, giving the poetry a pleasant, natural flow (I tip my hat to Margaret Anastas as this is much harder to accomplish than it might seem). For example:

"I kiss your small hands, as you reach for my face,
I kiss your sweet neck, it's my favorite place."

Mommy's Best Kisses came recommended as a great first book for baby and is available in a smaller board book format with thick pages, perfect for small hands eager to see the next animal mother with her baby.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Margaret Anastas (author) has worked in children's books for many years. She lives in Pelham, New York, with her husband, Greg, and their two children, Owen and Zoe. Her other works include Board Book, A Hug For You and the New York Times best-seller Thanksgiving is For Giving (coauthor).

Susan Winter (illustrator) was born and educated in South Africa. She became a social worker in South Africa and later in London. She then studied illustration at the Chelsea School of Art after the birth of her second child, and has worked as a freelance illustrator since. A few of her published credits include Hush Little Puppy, Little Monkey’s One Safe Place and Copy Me, Copycub. Susan now lives in Chiswick, London, with her children.

A Perfect First Book!

This is also great read to initiate your children to the benefits of early literacy. Countless studies show that reading to children at a young age paves the way to future academic success, as well a lifelong love of books and reading!

According to a survey by the CROP polling firm carried out for Kaleido last year (September 2014), most parents (77%) believe in the correlation between a child’s love of reading and school success. And yet, only 36% read to their children to stimulate their interest in books, and a mere 6% of parents read themselves to lead by example.

While most parents (86%) say they encourage their children to read, less than a third (17%) of the respondents do so before their little ones reach two years of age. Several studies show that children exposed to reading before the age of 18 months will, for a number of reasons, benefit from a head start when they begin school.

The solution is simple; just add a story to your bedtime routine!