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Story Time Favourites

January 14, 2015

At Universitas, helping you save for your child’s education is our priority! But we are more than an RESP company; like you, most of us are parents who wish to nurture our children’s curiosity, talents and dreams.

We all know reading to children at an early age has incredible benefits. In addition to favouring intellectual development, reading creates special bonding moments, instills a lifelong love of books and establishes a strong foundation for education.

So in 2015, we are calling on you to help us create the ultimate booklist with our series “Story Time Favourites!” We will regularly present books recommended by Universitas employees all year. Let us know which stories you and your little ones love by “liking” or commenting our Facebook posts or blog. Make your own recommendations so we can post these and add them to our list too!

Promote reading by sharing the booklist with your friends and family. Let’s find out our children’s story time favourites... and make your next visit to the library or bookstore a little easier!


We thought we would kick things off with a timeless classic. Our first recommendation is: “Love You Forever” by Canadian author Robert Munsch. It is one of the most beloved children’s stories ever written.

The book started out as the following short song:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.

Robert Munsch had made up the song after he and his wife had two stillborn babies (they have since become the adoptive parents of three children).

This story chronicles the everyday life experiences of a mother and her son from his youth to adulthood. Despite the exasperation the mother feels when faced with the daily challenges of parenthood, every night, she cradles her son and sings him the above lullaby, promising to love him forever. The story is simple and humorous, but also conveys a profound message about the circle of life, love and parenting throughout the different stages of our lives. 

We hope you enjoy it!

“My father read this book to me as little girl; as we neared the end, his voice would always become less steady and his eyes watery. Years later, I found my old tattered copy and read it to my own sons... I also had trouble finishing the book without becoming teary-eyed. This beautiful story about a mother and son’s relationship portrays the unconditional love parents feel for their children. This is a book both children and adults will enjoy.”

Kim (mother of two boys)