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Bianca Gervais recommits to Kaleido

May 24, 2022

Five years after officially becoming Kaleido’s spokesperson, Quebec actress and host (and mother of two!) Bianca Gervais has renewed her commitment to support Quebec’s pioneering education savings organization.

A great collaboration that grows stronger over the years

Bianca and Kaleido have been working together for almost 10 years now. In fact, back in 2014, even before she was today’s spokesperson, Bianca hosted the organization’s 50th anniversary event as master of ceremonies.

Like Kaleido, Bianca is involved in projects that affect families and education, including the TV show Format familial and, more recently, the La CLEF series. She has seen first-hand—and herself contributed to—the organization’s shift to digital, which is meant to provide a better experience for Kaleido’s clients, more flexibility in education savings products, and more support to help families through the challenges of everyday life.

Kaleido is continually modernizing to be closer to families, better serve them, and help kids make their dreams come true. So it made a lot of sense to me to re-engage with this company, which has values I can relate to.” - Bianca Gervais

It is a great collaboration that, over the years, has grown stronger with creative measures that serve Kaleido’s mission well to help every child reach their full potential by supporting them on their journey in building tomorrow’s society.

Once again this year, in 2022, she will star in the ad campaign for the launch of the new IDEO+ products. You will undoubtedly see her on your screens and hear her on your favorite radio station in commercials created by the agency Kabane.

It has been a great pleasure for us to work with Bianca for all these years,” says Julie Cyr, Vice President, Client Experience and Marketing at Kaleido Growth. In addition to being a beloved actress, host, and producer, she is above all a caring woman who knows what families go through. Her involvement with Kaleido enables us to promote our mission and actively participate in the educational success of our youth.



Patrick Pedneault
Media Relations