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New Employer Brand Identity

March 21, 2016

Universitas is pleased to unveil the new visual identity of its employer brand, which highlights the life passions and personality of company employees. Universitas asserts its position as an employer of choice by offering a stimulating work environment adapted to the needs of today's talent.

“At Universitas, we place a premium on human values to create a work environment that allows the personal and professional fulfillment of all employees and representatives. Our company is very much turned toward the future, seeking proficiency and excellence. By launching our employer brand, we want to promote the quality of life and the benefits Universitas offers its employees and representatives,” says Ghislaine Nadeau, Vice-President of Human Resources at Universitas.

Developed in collaboration with Communication Benoît Tremblay following several focus groups, the campaign’s theme “A Career that Gives Me MORE,” highlights the many benefits of being part of the Universitas Team. The company places emphasis on the freedom, flexibility and opportunities of the various career paths Universitas offers, with actual employees and representatives taking center stage. Thus, the campaign imagery introduces different members of the Universitas team, portraying them in both business attire and a more casual look while they share an activity they are passionate about.

"An employer brand is a strategic tool to attract, recruit and retain talent. And who better to present Universitas as an employer of choice than our own team! We are fortunate to be able to count on employees and representatives who are passionate, dedicated and full of life. They embody our corporate values and bring these to life, "said Pierre Lafontaine, Vice President, Customer Service and Operations at Universitas.

Universitas believes in a high quality of life; that it is essential to the well-being of employees and leads to enhanced work performance. The company upholds this belief by offering flexible hours, accommodating conditions that recognize personal and family obligations, stimulating career opportunities and financial support, for professional development. In addition, representatives enjoy the freedom and self-employment while building their business with the support of a solid organization.

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