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Universitas Financial Launches a New Interactive Zone: “Your Questions, Our Answers”

June 7, 2018

Universitas is proud to announce the launch of its “Your Questions, Our Answers” interactive zone. This extension of the main website offers the ideal setting for exchanges with clients and the general public.

Through this initiative, Universitas Financial wishes to further connect with its clients and clarify any misconceptions about its products. “The RESPs offered by Universitas have greatly evolved to better meet investment needs of our clients, but also to adapt to the education system and diversity of school careers now available. We offer very flexible products, but there are still some myths circulating that suggest the opposite,” says Pierre Lafontaine, Vice-President, Customer Experience and Strategic Business Development.

When visiting the interactive zone, users will be able to submit their questions about Universitas Financial and its products to a team of experts, who will post the answer for all to see. A search bar has been added so clients can quickly browse through the questions already published.

Although social media are a great way to connect and exchange with clients, once an answer is posted it can be hard to find it again in the newsfeed among several discussions and comments. The “Your Questions, Our Answers” zone offers a simple, user-friendly means to getting answers while still offering the same level of interaction as social media.