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Kaleido adds new services to support families and now offers subscribers access to telemedicine

December 9, 2021

Kaleido firmly believes that all young people can succeed if they are given the financial and personal support they need to reach their full potential. With that in mind, Kaleido is pleased to announce new additions to its lineup of support services for families, including preferred access to VIP webinars and telemedicine, in cooperation with TELUS Health.

Kaleido clients already benefit from a wealth of free or paid family accompanying services and related resources, all in one place. Today, the company is adding new health and well-being services to its existing menu of useful and relevant content that includes tutoring, academic support, and coaching for parents.

Making life easier with preferred access to telemedicine

Starting today, Kaleido RESP subscribers can sign up for an app that gives families access to telemedicine. This special gateway to the TELUS Health virtual care app comes with 24/7 access to healthcare professionals and a host of other resources.

Kaleido, taking care of families today for a brighter tomorrow

“The pandemic has highlighted the importance of quick and easy access to high-quality healthcare solutions, 24/7,” said Isabelle Grenier, Kaleido President and CEO.

She added that this new feature is consistent with Kaleido’s mission of helping each child reach their full potential by offering comprehensive support that promotes health and well-being for children and their families. “Health and peace of mind, just like financial planning, are an important part of the journey to academic success,” according to Grenier.

A clinic just a few clicks away, in collaboration with TELUS Health

This innovative rollout from the Kaleido team is the result of a collaboration with TELUS Health, a national leader in virtual healthcare solutions.

“At TELUS Health we are leveraging the power of technology to strengthen human connections and that includes our Virtual Care services which are delivered by empathetic, compassionate healthcare professionals who personally guide people through every step of their healthcare journey,” said Danny Serraglio, vice president, Virtual Care at TELUS Health. “We couldn’t be more pleased to provide Kaleido clients with peace of mind knowing they have access to humanized health support whenever they need it. We are proud to connect more people with the healthcare tools and resources they need to support improved continuity and quality of patient care while creating a more seamless, holistic, and personalized health experience.”

The telemedicine service is reserved for Kaleido RESP subscribers. Those interested in learning more can contact customer service at

About Kaleido

A pioneer in education savings since 1964, the Kaleido Foundation is a non-profit organization that has paid out over $1 billion in educational assistance payments and saving refunds over the years. Kaleido has over $1.8 billion in assets under management on behalf of some 238,000 young people.

Kaleido helps families in Quebec and New Brunswick give their children a leg up on future success. Every day more than 200 employees and representatives create brighter opportunities for youth through education savings and family coaching services. Visit:

About TELUS Health

TELUS Health is a leader in digital health technology, providing virtual care, home health monitoring, electronic medical and health records, benefits and pharmacy management, and personal emergency response services. By leveraging the power of technology to deliver connected solutions and services, TELUS Health is improving access to care and revolutionizing the flow of information while facilitating collaboration, efficiency, and productivity for physicians, pharmacists, health authorities, allied healthcare professionals, insurers, employers, and citizens, to progress its vision of transforming healthcare and empowering people to live healthier lives.

Through the TELUS Health Care Centres, teams of renowned and passionate healthcare professionals deliver best-in-class patient-centric care to thousands of Canadian employers, professionals, and families in more than 15 medical clinics located across the country.

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