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Are there fees if I set up an RESP with you?


When shopping for a financial product or service, it’s only natural to want to know all the fees involved up front. We get it! When setting up an RESP with Kaleido, fees will be disclosed and explained openly before you sign anything!

It’s a fact that all financial services providers charge investment management fees, us included.

And yes, it’s true that our fee structure is different from banks, but in the end, the amount we charge to manage your RESP is standard for this industry. It all comes down to what you’re looking for. At Kaleido, we take care of everything to offer investors a hassle-free experience. So as an investor, what you need to weigh is the risk/reward ratio of our plans, how disciplined you want to be in saving, and the other advantages included with Kaleido.


Legal Notes

* Our lawyers insist that we mention the identities marked with an asterisk are fictitious and only serve to present the most frequently asked questions. We understand your concerns well, so we took the lead. The answers, for their part, are all very real.