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How did you get my phone number?


Rest assured that we are governed by strict solicitation rules when it comes to contacting families to promote the RESP. A representative might have acquired your contact information if:

  • you entered one of our contests (tent/stand, online, during an event, etc.);
  • you entered a contest organized by one of the many family or education-focused organizations we partner with;
  • you submitted an information request on our website;
  • you were referred by a family member, friend, co-worker, etc.

The individuals we contact have given their consent to receive information about our products and services for their children.


Legal Notes

* Our lawyers insist that we mention the identities marked with an asterisk are fictitious and only serve to present the most frequently asked questions. We understand your concerns well, so we took the lead. The answers, for their part, are all very real.