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I am not a permanent resident in Quebec yet. If I have to move to another country before my children finish high school, can I take this investment back?

My children are under 5 years old and I am not a permanent resident in Quebec yet. If I move out to another country before they finish high school, will there be fees? Can I use this money to pay for their education in another country?


To open an RESP, a subscriber must have a Canadian social insurance number (SIN) and reside in a province served by Kaleido (Quebec or NB). You have up to 24 months to provide the beneficiary's SIN.

The residence of the subscriber and that of the beneficiary influences the possibility of making contributions and receiving government grants.

Therefore, if you move from the province or country, no money will be lost. However, the impacts on your RESP and the educational assistance payments (EAPs) will vary depending on your new place of residence and that of your beneficiary.

When the RESP reaches maturity, contributions are returned to you in full, including an amount equal to the sales charges,1 no matter which path your children choose. On the other hand, EAPs are meant for your beneficiaries and their education.

We recommend you contact our Customer Service at 1 877 710-7377; our agents will be able to provide you with more insight based on your situation.


Legal Notes

1. Savings invested in T-Bills and government bonds. Under the REFLEX Plan, the refund of contributions at plan maturity includes an amount equal to the sales charges of $200 per unit. Under the INDIVIDUAL Plan, the sales charge of up to $200 is not refunded. Certain conditions apply, see our prospectus.