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My daughter doesn’t want to go to university, will I lose everything?


Whatever your daughter chooses, the money you saved over the years is still yours. This investment is returned to you in full at plan maturity, whether your child pursues post-secondary education or not.

But know that your daughter’s choice of school career is not limited to university! She can pursue whatever path she chooses since all post-secondary programs entitle her to 100% of her educational assistance payments, including vocational/trade school, technical, or college programs!

If a post-secondary education really isn’t for your daughter, then you have options: transfer the RESP to another child, transfer to an RRSP or withdraw the earned income (known as an AIP).1


Legal Notes

1. Certain conditions apply. See our prospectus.

* Our lawyers insist that we mention the identities marked with an asterisk are fictitious and only serve to present the most frequently asked questions. We understand your concerns well, so we took the lead. The answers, for their part, are all very real.