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What happens if the subscriber passes away?

Can we transfer the RESP to another subscriber? Can we keep the money until the child starts post-secondary education? Do I have to write something in my will?


If the subscriber purchased the life and disability insurance offered with our RESPs, the remaining contributions are covered by the insurer in the event of death. A new subscriber then has to be named.

However, if the subscriber didn’t purchase any coverage, a new subscriber must be named and this person will have to make the contributions provided for under the contract.

In both cases, we contact the liquidator of the succession (or the equivalent in New Brunswick) to name a new subscriber.

In rare cases, the RESP has to be cancelled because no new subscriber was named under the plan.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and include instructions regarding your RESP in your will.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 1 877 710-7377; our agents can guide you through this process and answer all your questions.