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Stand out as an employer
by offering your employees an RESP

30% in grants and up to $12,800 per child!1

Employers, you can stand out from the crowd by adding the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to your benefits package. It’s simple, free and beneficial for everyone!

Attract. Retain. Motivate.

Kaleido’s corporate RESP allows employers to stand out through their avant-garde and human approach. It’s an effective retention strategy that meets the needs of families, especially since the RESP is a benefit rarely offered in the employment market.

   Did you know?

Academic achievement and the cost of education are among parents’ top concerns.2

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Legal Notes

1. Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) of 20% to 40% and Quebec education savings incentive (QESI) of 10% to 20%. Based on adjusted net family income. The annual limit is $600 for the CESG and $300 for the QESI. The lifetime limit per beneficiary is $7,200 for the CESG and $3,600 for the QESI. Canada Learning Bond (CLB) of up to $2,000 per beneficiary, for children born to financially eligible families after December 31, 2003. Some conditions apply. See our prospectus at kaleido.ca. 

2. Source: 2017 Radio-Canada survey.