Dany Racine

Scholarship Plan Representative


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About me

I'm the father of three beautiful children who all have RESPs with Kaleido. I've also been contributing for my godson since he was born, and he's now at the point of using it.

I'm now in my sixteenth year as a scholarship plan representative. Before that, I was a financial security adviser. My in-depth technical knowledge enables me to compare, evaluate and provide the best possible education savings advice to my clients.

I particularly enjoy talking to people, listening to them and finding out about their needs. My priority is to guide them through their own family situation and suggest the most appropriate RESP strategy for them. My commitment to my clients is very much in line with Kaleido’s mission: to accompany each child on their journey in order to help them reach their full potential and create the society of tomorrow.

Finally, people say that I'm efficient, available and, above all, honest.

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