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Help each child achieve their full potential by accompanying them on their journey towards imagining a brighter future.


As industry pioneers, we have been leading the way in education savings since 1964, and contributed to introducing the registered education savings plan (RESP). This is our area of expertise and we know it inside out.

But beyond the RESP―as amazing as it is―what really drives us at Kaleido is the conviction that all children can achieve their full potential when given the means, whether these translate into:

  • the funds to pursue post-secondary education and focus completely on school;
  • the support to persevere in their learning despite any challenges along the way;
  • the freedom to dream big and study in the field of their choice.

That’s why at Kaleido, we do our utmost to support families on the children’s journey towards post-secondary education, whatever path they choose.

At Kaleido, we’re all about...


We care, we listen and we put people first. We foster a culture of transparency and authenticity, where our clients, co-workers and partners are always treated with utmost respect and consideration.


We challenge ourselves every day to innovate, find solutions and refine our expertise so our clients benefit from stellar services.


A strong dose of integrity, intellect and accountability steers our business on all fronts, from our approach with stakeholders to our product and service offerings―a fact of which we are very proud.

Directors and Officers

The directors and officers of the Kaleido Foundation and Kaleido Growth ensure the organization’s sound management and always have the best interest of subscribers and beneficiaries at heart.

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Fund Distribution and Management

The savings our clients entrust us with grow under the management of our world-class partners, all of which are industry leaders in their fields.

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Financial documents

Our financial documents provide detailed information about our organization and the plans we offer.

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Social Involvement

The causes and organizations we choose to support reflect our belief that education is key in building tomorrow’s society.

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Sustainable investment

We invest in sustainable businesses and projects to ensure a better future for our children.

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