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RESPs Make Great Gifts

What children see as the “worst gift” today ... will turn out to be the greatest gift they ever receive!

Give them a gift that will last a lifetime: Education

Grandparents, godparents, uncles, aunts or friends: Would you like to help finance the education of a child you love? Give him or her the gift of education savings! An RESP is a great gift idea!

Not the child's parent?

It doesn’t matter – you can still open an RESP for him or her! Ties of the heart are important, too, and if a child’s future matters to you, a Registered Education Savings Plan is an option. The child will enjoy all the benefits of a Kaleido RESP, which include generous government grants and our accompanying services, such as tutoring.1

Take advantage of the flexibility of our products:

Choose the contribution formula that suits you best: a single contribution, or recurring or one-time contributions;2
Contribute the amount you want to your RESP;3
No long-term commitment is required to open an RESP.

Already a client?

You can open another RESP as a gift – which you know will really come in handy – for another child you care about.

Rather give a gift certificate?

Our gift certificates are available in denominations of $50 and $100. They can be added to an existing RESP or used to open a new one. And they come in an attractive, gift-ready card holder! Contact us for more information.

Received a gift certificate for your child? Contact us to find out how to add it to your RESP or get started on your education savings project. 

Opening an RESP as a gift

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How much could your RESP actually earn?

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Legal Notes

1. Some conditions and limitations apply. The promotions, benefits and other advantages of the family accompanying services are subject to change without notice and may not be available in certain areas.  

2. For information about contribution options, see our prospectus at

3. Minimum monthly contribution of $10 for IDEO+ Conservative, Adaptive and Responsible Plans. Check out our prospectus at