RESPs Make Great Gifts

Give a Gift Certificate

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime! Our gift certificates are a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate a birth, baptism, birthday, or other special occasion.

Our gift certificates:

  • Are available in $50, $100, $500 and $1,000 denominations
  • Can be used toward any of our registered education savings plans
  • Can be added to an existing plan or to open a new RESP
  • Entitle the child to the applicable grants (once deposited into the RESP)
  • Are delivered in a colourful card holder, ready for giving!

Did you receive a gift certificate for your child? Contact us to learn how to add it to your RESP or start working toward your education savings goals.

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Give an RESP

Whether you’re a grandparent, godparent, relative, or family friend, we’ve got you covered!

The RESP is an original gift sure to please! Anyone can contribute to a child's eduation.

You can open an RESP for a child even if you’re not their parent. Investing in an RESP offers a host of advantages, including access to substantial government grants.

  • We have contribution options suited to any lifestyle! You can choose to make regular deposits or one-time contributions whenever you want.
  • We’re all about flexibility! With our plans, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to save for the education of a child you love!1
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your contributions will be returned to you in full at plan maturity!
  • Because unexpected life events happen, we also offer optional life and disability insurance to ensure your remaining contributions are covered.2
  • You also have the possibility of transferring your RESP savings to another child3 (including grant money under certain conditions).

To learn more, contact us today.

Open an RESP

Kaleido Grandparents

Love to spoil your grandchildren? So do we!
Our grandparent program provides RESP guidance every step of the way. Your personal scholarship plan representative will follow up regularly and our customer service team will provide assistance whenever needed.


Exclusive Kaleido Grandparent Program Offer4

Open an RESP and receive a piggy bank and a personalized diploma for framing. Not only do they make great gifts for your grandchildren, but they’re a perfect way to teach them smart money habits and encourage school perseverance!

 The RESP seems complicated to you? We’re here to make it simple!

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Want to offer a gift that will last a lifetime?

Education is the key to a bright future

Legal Notes

  1. See our prospectus to learn more about the contribution options offered. Minimum contributions may be required.
  2. Only available with the REFLEX Plan. The subscriber must be under 60 years of age on the date the insurance policy takes effect; does not apply to the following contribution options: single and annual over 2 years for the plan selected. Certain conditions apply; please see our prospectus.
  3. Certain conditions apply; please see our prospectus.
  4. For a limited time only. Certain conditions apply.

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