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Tutoring and academic support: Helping your child succeed

Does your child need extra support in his or her schooling? Take advantage of preferential-rate services and exclusive content from our qualified partners to support your child’s schooling.

Does your child need homework help, tutoring or some other kind of academic support?

Many parents ask themselves this question, especially when their children have learning or language difficulties. As parents, we all want our children to succeed in school. Fortunately, Kaleido offers tutoring and academic support to help your children improve their grades and achieve academic success.

Tutorax, one of our qualified tutoring and academic support partners, offers our clients personalized services at preferential rates, such as the following:

  • Summer classes with a 10% discount
  • By-the-hour tutoring with discounts
  • Prepaid time packages with discounts1
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Certified tutors for online or in-home tutoring

Whether it’s to catch up on schoolwork, prepare for exams or work on learning difficulties, tutoring services can make a significant contribution to your children's educational success.

Our specialized partner Tutorax offers personalized tutoring to help students understand academic concepts and develop good learning strategies. Services are available for all levels: elementary, secondary, CEGEP and university students.

Tutorax’s team of qualified tutors can help young people with

  • preparing for an exam;
  • remedial education;
  • homework;
  • summer classes (to avoid the so-called “summer slide”, for example);
  • online or in-home tutoring.1

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Discounts on summer classes for elementary and secondary students

If your child needs to catch up or prepare for the coming school year, or if you just want to be proactive, summer classes are an excellent option.

It’s perfect timing: Kaleido is offering a discount on summer classes with its partner Tutorax! Review of essential concepts, preparation for next year’s curriculum, review of a specific subject – whatever your children need, they’ll receive support from a certified tutor whose priority is the academic success of each student!

For elementary students, you have access to

  • educational group camps;
  • individual online or in-home tutoring.

For secondary students, you have access to

  • summer group classes (online);
  • summer individual classes (online).1

In addition to our partner’s discounts, you can also take advantage of our wide range of free resources and tools to help your children with their schooling: blog articles and videos about academic support are available free of charge to all our clients!

Why hire a remedial teacher for your child?

Help from a remedial teacher can be particularly beneficial for children who are having trouble with the regular school curriculum. This approach is for children with learning difficulties, setbacks or disabilities such as attention-deficit disorder (ADD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyscalculia, dyslexia and dysorthographia.

Good news! Kaleido’s academic support offer also includes a preferential rate on remedial teaching services.1

Choosing speech therapy to address language difficulties

Does your child have language difficulties? Whether this is due to delayed language development, autism spectrum disorder, dysphasia or dysorthographia, a speech therapist or a language stimulation agent (LSA) can help!

Our academic support partner also offers discounts on speech therapy and language stimulation consultations.1 Sessions can take place at home, online or in your child’s daycare centre.

More information about our tutoring and academic support services

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1. Some conditions and limitations apply. Promotions, benefits and other advantages of our family support services are subject to change without notice and may not be available in certain areas.