Our Plans

We offer two plans tailored to different needs and preferences. Find out which RESP is best suited to your situation and investor profile!

With both our RESPs, you get:

Simple and Flexible


  • Choose the amount and frequency of your contributions at plan opening (single, monthly, or annual).

  • Choose the contribution period you prefer: 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or longer.

  • Enjoy the convenience of pre-authorized debits; they’re perfect to maintain a savings discipline.

  • Recover all your contributions and an amount equal to the sales charges paid when your plan reaches maturity. An exclusive advantage from Kaleido.3

Freedom and Control


  • Contribute to your RESP at your own pace with no long-term commitment after opening your plan

    Minimum $25 contribution at plan opening

  • Choose when and how much to contribute

    Minimum amounts:
    · $25 for a one-time additional contribution
    · $25 per deposit for monthly contributions (which you can suspend at any time without penalty)

  • Access your funds if you need to make a withdrawal before plan maturity.

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Download our prospectus for all details abour our plans


Subscribers who currently have a UNIVERSITAS Plan can continue investing in this RESP through additional one-time contributions or by increasing their regular contributions.

However, it’s not possible to open a new UNIVERSITAS Plan.

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Who do I contact to learn more about your RESPs?

Contact one of our scholarship plan representatives. With their expert knowledge of RESPs, our representatives can recommend the RESP best suited to your situation and goals.

What are my options if my beneficiary does not pursue a post-secondary education?

With Kaleido, the return of your investment (contributions) is 100% guaranteed once your plan reaches maturity.4

Subject to certain conditions, the following options are available if your child doesn’t pursue post-secondary education:

  • Transfer the RESP to another child
  • Transfer the earned income to an RRSP
  • Withdraw the earned income (known as an accumulated income payment, or AIP)

Contact us for all the details.

Are there fees to open an RESP?

Yes. Kaleido must charge fees to ensure the sound management of your RESP, as with any financial product. Fees are disclosed and explained in detail at the time you set up your plan and sign a contract.

Although our fee structure differs from that of banking institutions, the total fees collected over the plan's life are standard for the industry. Ultimately, investors must consider these fees in proportion to the RESP’s risk level and performance, how disciplined they want to be in saving, and what other financial services are included.

Remember that if you have a group plan (REFLEX or UNIVERSITAS), you will be refunded an amount equal to the total sales charges paid once your plan reaches maturity. The full refund of sales charges at plan maturity is an exclusive Kaleido advantage.

See our prospectus for everything you need to know about our RESPs and their applicable fees.

Legal Notes

  1. To learn more about the applicable conditions, please see our prospectus.
  2. Contingent on the receipt of the required grant application authorization. Certain conditions apply; see our prospectus.
  3. Investments made in T-Bills and Governments Bonds. Please note that the refund of contributions at plan maturity includes an amount equal to the sales charges of $200 per unit under the REFLEX Plan and UNIVERSITAS Plan. Under the INDIVIDUAL Plan, the sales charge of up to $200 is not refunded. Certain conditions apply; please see our prospectus.
  4. Certain conditions apply; see our prospectus.