Canada Learning Bond

An RESP for your child... No matter your income!

If your child is eligible to the Canada Learning Bond (CLB), Kaleido offers you a no-charge, no-obligation registered education savings plan (RESP)! This plan is opened for the sole purpose of receiving this grant.1. Your child could receive up to $2,000 without you having to invest a single penny!2


What is the CLB?

The Canada Learning Bond is money that the Government of Canada adds to an RESP for children from low-income families.

For your child to receive the CLB, you simply need to open an RESP for free, without any obligations to make contributions1.

  • An initial $500 is paid at plan opening to help you save for post-secondary education.
  • Your child could also receive an extra $100 each year until their 15th birthday, for a total of $2,0002.


Is my family financially eligible?

CLB eligibility is based on the adjusted family net income of the child’s primary caregiver (including the spouse’s income) and the number of eligible children in a family. Talk to one of our scholarship plan representatives to know if your family could be eligible.

Here are some case scenarios where families could be eligible for the CLB:

Demers Family

  • Juliet and Alexander are proud of their parents, self-employed workers who decided to live off their passion, even if it meant a lower income.

Gagnon Family

  • Julia is a single mom raising her two- and four-year-old sons with one income.

Lopez Family

  • Ana and Jordan recently settled in the province of Quebec with their three children. They are currently looking for a job.

Advantages of choosing an RESP with Kaleido to receive the CLB

  • $0 sales charges
  • $0 contributions required. However, you can always choose to add to your RESP later on! Your child will benefit from other RESP grants that boost your contributions by 30% to 60%3
  • Personalized guidance from your representative
  • All accumulated funds available upon school registration to post-secondary education, whether in a vocational, college or university program4
Find out if you are eligible to the CLB

Legal Notes

1. Certain conditions apply; please see our prospectus.

2. For a child born after December 31, 2003, from a financially eligible family. CLB Eligibility is reviewed yearly.

3. Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) from 20 to 40 % and Québec Education Savings Incentive (QESI, only in the province of Québec) from 10 to 20 %. Based on the adjusted family net income. The maximum annual amount poured in CESG is $600 and $300 in QESI. The lifelong maximum amount contributed per beneficiary is $7,200 in CESG and $3,600 in QESI. Certain conditions may apply. Refer to our prospectus.