Career guidance and planning for young people

Career guidance: Helping your children make the right choice

Choosing a career is no easy task! Fortunately, Kaleido can assist your children with a wealth of relevant resources and expert advice.

Helping your teenager with career planning

Through our career guidance service, we offer you a host of useful resources to help your child make the right career choice. The free tools, informative videos and handy guides developed in conjunction with experts such as guidance counsellor Josée Senneville are invaluable for your teens as they look for a rewarding career that fulfils their ambitions.1

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Role of a career advisor

According to the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec, guidance counsellors are career development, guidance and counselling professionals who practise in the field of mental health and human relations. They assist people of all ages, at every stage of their lives. They work with clients to develop their socio-professional autonomy and informed decision-making skills, at work, at school and on a personal level, in line with their identity and needs. Their clients can also be groups or organizations.

How a guidance counsellor can help your children with career planning

  • By providing invaluable information about potential careers, employment prospects and educational requirements. With their in-depth knowledge of the world of work, guidance counsellors help young people to make informed decisions and choose a career that matches their interests, skills and goals.
  • By offering career orientation tests. Counsellors commonly use these tests to help identify clients’ strengths, weaknesses, values, personality traits and personal interests so that they can provide career recommendations.

With Kaleido’s career guidance service, you’ll take a RIASEC-Z career typology test developed exclusively for our clients.1


  • By helping them set short- and long-term career goals. With a concrete action plan, counsellors help young people achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles they might encounter along the way.

Advantages of working with a guidance counsellor

We know that career decisions are among the most important decisions we will make in our lives. For young people, there are a number of significant advantages to being well supported at this pivotal stage. In particular, a guidance counsellor can:

  • reduce the stress associated with choosing a career by providing professional and emotional support;
  • help them find their way through the jungle of career choices open to them;
  • help them prepare a sound, achievable career plan to maximize their chances of success in the job market.

Making the right career choice is never easy, whether you’re young or just looking for a job. With the guidance of a professional in the field, it’s easier to make sense of it all and take the direction that’s right for you!

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Futur proche - A podcast exploring career options

Futur proche: The career guidance podcast designed especially for youth

Our young people can dream big today! They can imagine the career they want. However, school guidance can sometimes be confusing, and teenagers don’t always know whether a particular career will really appeal to them. That’s why we created the Futur proche podcast.

This podcast helps young people see things more clearly as they choose their career and their educational program. In a series of episodes hosted by the excellent Valérie Chevalier, you’ll hear young people pondering their future employment and meet inspiring professionals who have the job of their dreams. At the end of each episode, Valérie talks with a guidance counsellor about helping young people choose a career that matches their values and interests. Futur proche was developed in conjunction with the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec and Academos.

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