Social Involvement

Our social involvement stems from and is an extension of our mission. The causes Kaleido supports all have a common trait: the future and success of our youth, regardless of background. Like us, the people devoted to these causes believe that social prosperity is driven by the individual success of many.

The Kaleido team is proud to support:

Educaide is dedicated to offering financial support to teens from less-privileged backgrounds through perseverance scholarships, giving these students the means and motivation to finish high school.

Kaleido firmly believes this financial support can help keep kids in school and offer teens the stepping stone they need to persevere and pursue their education with confidence.

Alloprof is dedicated to supporting academic perseverance by providing free homework assistance to students (and their parents) in Quebec. This partner shares a goal close to our heart: to foster school success, starting as early as elementary school.

Kaleido is proud of its long-standing partnership with Forces AVENIR, an organization that aims to recognize, honour, and promote the commitment of young people to projects that contribute to the development of socially conscious, active, and responsible citizens who are both dedicated to their community and globally-minded.

Kaleido is proud to collaborate with Literacy Foundation, which has the mission to support adults and children so they can develop their ability to read and write and participate fully in society.