Family finance help with your RESP

Family finances: Manage your budget with Kaleido

To help you manage your family finances on a day-to-day basis, we provide useful resources, tips and tools. Make managing your finances and your family budget a priority! We’re here to help you build a solid financial future for your whole family.

What are the right tools for managing your family finances effectively?

Our commitment to you is reflected in a range of resources designed to help you manage your personal budget as efficiently as possible. And because we know that every family has unique financial needs, we provide personalized tools to help you make informed decisions. Our informative videos, web conferences and handy tools give you access to sound saving strategies, essential tax advice, tips for creating a balanced budget, and much more.

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Financial education to help you reach your goals

Financial education is crucial to managing your budget and ensuring a bright financial future for your children. Teach them the right habits from an early age and they’ll be able to make informed decisions as adults. Investment, saving, returns, careful spending, how interest rates work and so on – all this can be learned. So start early! And as a parent, you can always learn more and share your knowledge with your children.

We think everyone should have a good financial education, so we offer family finance coaching with your RESP.1

We are fortunate to be able to work with professionals who are highly qualified in this area, including Nataly Labelle (founder of Fric & fortune), our partner in providing financial education for children and teenagers.

Like Kaleido, Nataly firmly believes in the positive impact of teaching both teenagers and younger children about finance. With its educational materials, Fric & fortune teaches young people about personal finance in a fun and entertaining way and helps you talk to your kids about money.

To help you make the most of it, Kaleido offers an exclusive discount for the Fric & fortune online store. Investing now in your children’s financial education will guarantee them a bright future!

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Life insurance for your family in just a few clicks

To help you make informed financial decisions, we’ve teamed up with a partner who greatly simplifies the life insurance underwriting process. We know that this choice can be a tedious task for many families. That’s where our partner Emma comes in: Emma offers you the opportunity to take out the insurance that’s right for you, in the way that’s right for you – with the assistance of an advisor, or autonomously online!

To guide you through every step of the process, we offer a host of practical tools, including explanatory video capsules and access to advisors. You’ll see just how simple it is!

Establishing an Effective Family Budget | Kaleido Blog Article

Budgeting: The key to financial health!

Establishing a family budget is essential to ensuring your family’s financial health and preparing a stable financial future for your children. Reducing your monthly expenses (which can quickly get out of control if not closely monitored!) and sticking to your budget are two habits you should make part of your financial routine. By planning your spending wisely, you’ll also free up financial resources to invest in long-term goals, such as saving for retirement, saving for your children’s education and buying a home.

Kaleido is your trusted partner, offering you effective, practical tools (such as our budget template) to help you manage your monthly income and expenses and make the best of your financial situation. Taking charge of your family finances can have a significant impact on your and your children’s future. By optimizing your financial management, you give yourself the peace of mind and stability you deserve.

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