Sustainable investment: For our children’s future

Since 1964, Kaleido has focused on education savings to ensure a bright future for our youth and help build tomorrow’s society. Kaleido operates with an eye to the future and believes it is important to invest in sustainable businesses and projects that create long-term value.

By sustainable we mean actively committing to protecting the environment and improving people’s lives through our investments.

Responsible choices

100% of Kaleido’s assets are entrusted to portfolio managers who incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their management strategies.

Our securities are carefully chosen to take these important factors into account, without losing sight of profitability.


  • Climate change
  • Pollution
  • Water management
  • Other


  • Child labor
  • Discrimination
  • Human rights
  • Other


  • Anti-corruption measures
  • Cybersecurity
  • Accountability of boards of directors
  • Other

To learn more about Kaleido’s commitment to sustainable investment:

Consult our sustainable investment policy

Consult our 2021 sustainable investment report

Committed to sustainable investment

Kaleido is proud to be part of the financial industry’s movement towards sustainable investment as a member of Canada’s Responsible Investment Association (RIA).