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Émilie Simard Lemieux

Scholarship Plan Representative


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About me

I’m the mother of two children (a 12-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy) who both have RESPs with Kaleido.

I’ve been a scholarship plan representative since March 2021. My commitment to my customers is fully in line with Kaleido’s mission: to accompany each child on their journey in order to help them reach their full potential and create the society of tomorrow.

As a parent, I’m involved in my children’s activities, especially sports like basketball, baseball and water polo.

I know how to be available for my clients. I have remarkable expertise in the field of RESPs. I accompany parents on their savings journey with care and determination, helping them to achieve their financial goals effectively. I also take the time to explain the different strategies available to maximize RESPs and help my clients choose the best withdrawal options. With me, they can be sure of optimizing their savings. In addition, when the client requests it, I like to take the time to educate teenagers about their first investment.

I’d like to finish by saying that my greatest reward is when my customers recommend me to their friends and family!

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