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Nathalie Guérin

Scholarship Plan Representative


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About me

I’m the mother of two daughters aged 15 and 18, and my eldest is a scholarship student at Kaleido. We’ve maximized our RESPs and are very happy to be able to take advantage of them today!

I’ve been a scholarship plan representative for 13 years. I enjoy getting involved with various multicultural communities in the Montréal and Quebec City areas. I’m also very close to the Ivorian community in Quebec. I’m often asked to work with the families of newcomers to Canada, to provide them with support specific to their needs.

I speak English and I’m fluent in Italian, which allows me to work with the nonni (grandparents), whom I’m particularly fond of!

I like to work with a good attitude and a smile. I’m often described as very enthusiastic and passionate about my work. It’s important to me to offer quality service, regardless of my clients’ family situation or financial means. I’m a firm believer in the idea that there’s always a solution for a child’s future! My commitment to my customers is fully in line with Kaleido’s mission: to accompany each child on their journey in order to help them reach their full potential and create the society of tomorrow.

My greatest satisfaction is seeing how happy parents are to have followed my advice over the years and having them recommend me to their families and friends. I believe in offering the human touch and I take the time necessary to assist my clients. I remain available for my families as much as possible, simply because I like to be there when they need me!

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