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Véronique Assor

Scholarship Plan Representative


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About me

I’m the mother of a young CEGEP student and have been a Kaleido customer for many years. I’m very happy that I’ve contributed to my daughter’s RESP and that she can benefit from it today.

I’m entering my tenth year as a scholarship plan representative. I used to run a maternity and children’s clothing business.

I currently sit on a number of boards of organizations that are close to my heart, including the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Montcalm and Cégep régional de Lanaudière in L’Assomption, the CDÉJ advisory committee and the Experiencia committee for the Fondation pour la Santé du Nord de Lanaudière.

I’ve been through all the stages that my clients might experience: making contributions, maximizing, and making withdrawals. I know exactly what they’re going through and what they’re going to go through, so I can guide them well. What’s more, my commitment to my customers is fully in line with Kaleido’s mission: to accompany each child on their journey in order to help them reach their full potential and create the society of tomorrow.

I’m very active on social networks: I share content for subscribers and children daily. I like to help people discover the benefits of working with our partners and provide families with practical support throughout their career.

Finally, people say I’m very empathetic, respectful and attentive to my clients’ needs, and that I’m a good communicator who can help them understand financial terms.

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