MORE for the schoolyard

$25,000 to beautify the schoolyard or daycare outdoor playground of your choice

Do you know a daycare or school yard that could use a makeover? The MORE for the schoolyard contest invites you to enter a school or daycare that deserves a great backyard makeover. The eligible school or daycare chosen by the winner will receive $25,000 to improve their yard!


The contest has ended

An outdoor environment to match their imagination

A stimulating and safe outdoor playground can make all the difference in children's lives. By offering them a dream environment, you enable them to :

thrive through active play and the development of social skills;

be physically active and feed their energy;

stimulate their creativity and imagination;

to have learning opportunities;

and much more!


Is the school or daycare of your choice eligible?

This contest is open exclusively to Centres de la petite enfance (CPE), accredited daycare centers and public or private schools offering preschool and/or elementary education in the province of Quebec or New Brunswick. To learn more about eligibility requirements, consult the contest rules.