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Josée Senneville blogger for Kaleido

Josée Senneville

Josée Senneville has been a guidance counsellor for more than 20 years. She has a master’s degree in Guidance Counselling and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Counselling.

After working in various areas (employability, community service and the organizational sector) and as a lecturer at the CÉGEP and university levels, Josée decided to devote her career to teenagers and young adults. Her work in the education system helped her develop a range of skills with various client groups presenting multiple profiles and needs.

Josée is also on the board of directors of her professional association, has a part-time private practice, and is the author of career development reference books and working aids. Her mission is to support young people in developing a life plan and pursuing an education that matches their interests, abilities, needs and values!