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Winners of our 2017 contests!

June 6, 2017

Winners Of The “Up To $15,000 From RESPs And 24 IPad Minis” Contest (Quebec And New Brunswick)

Grand-Prize Winner:

Danielle Ratté from Sherbrooke won an RESP worth up to $15,000 in educational assistance payments for her son Paul.

Winners of the 12 iPad mini tablets (Quebec)

  • Draw held January 11th: Thérèse De Bellefeuille 
  • Draw held February 8th: Rémi-Martin Paquet from Quebec City 
  • Draw held March 8th: Anonymous
  • Draw held April 12th: Fabiola Ruiz from Terrebonne 
  • Draw held May 10th: Dominique Talbot from Blainville
  • Draw held June 7th: Lise Bujold from Trois-Rivières
  • Draw held July 12th: Micheline Lavallée from Deux-Montagnes
  • Draw held Septembre 13th: Christophe Anglehart 
  • Draw held October 11th: Mathieu Brassard from Saguenay 
  • Draw held November 8th: Anonymous
  • Draw held December 6th: Anonymous

Winners of the 12 iPad mini tablets (New Brunswick)

  • Draw held January 11th: Anonymous
  • Draw held February 8th: Sonia Johnson from Galloway
  • Draw held March 8th: Anonymous
  • Draw held April 12th: Anonymous
  • Draw held May 10th: Vicky Robichaud
  • Draw held June 7th: Nicole Gionet from Caraquet
  • Draw held July 12th: Jessica Line Lavigne from Bathurst
  • Draw held August 9th: Chantal Cormier from Rogersville
  • Draw held September 13th: Tara Lee from Miramichi
  • Draw held October 11th: Marie Roy from Anse-Bleue
  • Draw held November 8th: Liette Boudreau Comeau from Robertville
  • Draw held December 6th: Kim Deschênes from Rivière-Verte

Winners Of The “Your Referrals Could Take You Far!” Contest To Win A Travel Credit Of $2,000 Redeemable On The Purchase Of A Trip From A Travel Agency In Quebec Or New Brunswick

(Exclusive to Universitas subscribers)

  • Steve Leroux from Rimouski (picture) 
  • Audrey Desjardins-Fournelle from Mont-Laurier 
  • Chokri Essaied from Montreal (picture) 
  • Valérie Rancourt from Saint-Honoré de Chicoutimi (picture)
  • Mélanie Grenier from Blainville 
  • Nathalie Dubé from Montreal 
  • Yves Gauvin from Bathurst 

Winner Of The “$500 In My RESP!” Contest (Quebec And New Brunswick)

Hanane Manane from Montreal won a $500 contribution to her daughter Anya’s RESP. (picture)

Winners Of The “Got A Tax Refund? Think RESP!” Contest (Quebec And New Brunswick)

Mariama Ali-Diabacte from Québec won a $500 contribution to her son Alan’s RESP 
Anonymous from New Brunswick.

Winner Of The CTV Contest "Let Your Child Dream Big With Universitas Financial"

Marie-Hélène Jodoin from Montreal won an RESP worth up to $10,000 in educational assistance payments for her son Gustave Henri.

Winner Of The “Vote Coup de cœur du public du Gala de Ouf 2017” Contest

Frances Lei-Miao from Candiac won an RESP worth up to $2,000 in educational assistance payments for her daughter Audrey.

Winners Of The “Passport Toward Relaxation” Contest (Quebec)

Mrs. Maude Gamache-Bastille from Rivière-Ouelle and Mrs. Sophie Mercier from Quebec City each won a $150 gift-certificate to a spa or wellness center.

Winners Of The “2017 Granby Zoo” Contest (Quebec And New Brunswick)

The grand prize, an RESP worth up to $5,00 in EAPs, was won by Stéphanie Télémaque for Elohim Fortuné.

Secondary prize : To be announced