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Universitas Starts a New Chapter of its Story and Becomes Kaleido

October 29, 2019

Universitas, a pioneer in the field of registered education savings plans (RESPs), announces it will now go by the name Kaleido, a new brand image to align with the evolution of the company’s business model.

When it was founded in 1964, Universitas’ mission was to encourage as many young people as possible to pursue university studies thanks to education savings. Over the last years, the education landscape and financial services industry have undergone profound transformations, leading the company to review its business model to better serve its clients. After expanding its reach to hundreds of school programs, easing its criteria for educational assistance payments, and enhancing its service offering, Universitas turns to the future and becomes Kaleido.

“This new brand is the ideal means to convey the multitude of opportunities available to today’s youth,” says Isabelle Grenier, President and CEO. “Inspired by the kaleidoscope, Kaleido truly embodies our mission to support families in helping their children reach their full potential, whatever field of study they choose. Kaleido is a lively, playful name in the image of children, who represent our daily source of motivation to develop products and services that go beyond education savings.”

This change of name also extends to the company’s related entities so these gear with the new brand identity, meaning the Universitas Foundation of Canada becomes the Kaleido Foundation; Universitas Management Inc. becomes Kaleido Growth Inc.; and Parentheses Financial Services Inc. becomes Kaleido Financial Services Inc.

About Kaleido

Kaleido, a pioneer of education savings plans, supports families across Quebec and New Brunswick in helping their children reach their full potential. Kaleido includes a foundation, a management company and a financial services firm. The organization has over 100 employees and 150 representatives dedicated to providing education savings solutions and support that serve as a stepping stone for children in building tomorrow’s society. Kaleido has issued $885 million in educational assistance payments and savings refunds to benefit over 227,000 children, and has over $1.5 billion in assets under management.

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