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Winners of Les ex au défi and our Universitas vous met au défi contest!

April 5, 2016

Each episode, the winning couple was awarded an RESP worth $5,000 in educational assistance payments.

The winners of the 13 RESPs are:

  • Episode 1: The winners are Simon Lanteigne and Frédérique Aubin.
  • Episode 2: The winners are Patrick Quintal and Chantale Verbejus.
  • Episode 3: The winners are Maxime Roy and Karina Murray.
  • Episode 4: The winners are Alex Langelier and Marie-Josée Doe.
  • Episode 5: The winners are Bernard Deschamps and Caroline Pitre.
  • Episode 6: The winners are Roger Jr. Martin and Élise Dupuis.
  • Episode 7: The winners are François Roy and Valérie Dubé.
  • Episode 8: The winners are Stéphane Taillon and Émilie Cayer.
  • Episode 9: The winners are Jean-François Martin and Marie-Eve Dargis.
  • Episode 10: The winners are Marc Oligny and Corine Lahaie.
  • Episode 11: The winners are David Boudreault and Cynthia Ruest.
  • Episode 12: The winners are Marc Boutin and Martine Robert.
  • Episode 13: The winners are Daniel Harveu and Isabel Lessard-Marenger.

Here’s the winner of the Universitas vous met au défi contest, open to the show’s audience.

Myriam Ruel (Québec) won an RESP worth $5,000 in educational assistance payments for her son Benoit.

Congratulations to all our winners!