As a duly authorized customer or prospect referred under a referral agreement, I understand and acknowledge each of the following statements:


  1. Emma Financial Services Inc. and Kaleido Growth Inc. have entered into a referral agreement under which Kaleido Growth Inc. will promote Emma Financial Services Inc.’s products and refer clients interested in its personal insurance products, in return for a referral fee.


  1. Under this referral agreement, the parties do not exceed the limits of the following categories of registration in which they are respectively registered with the regulatory authorities that govern them.


  1. I understand that the parties are two unrelated companies and that the party referring me has no responsibility for the advice given and representations made by the party to whom it refers me.

Emma Financial Services Inc.

Personal insurance and financial planning firm


Kaleido Growth Inc.

Scholarship plan broker (AMF) and investment fund manager


  1. Emma Financial Services Inc. is a personal insurance and financial planning firm. It cannot distribute scholarship plans, unlike Kaleido Growth Inc.


  1. Kaleido Growth Inc. is a scholarship plan broker and investment fund manager. It cannot sell or offer personal insurance products, unlike Emma Financial Services Inc.


  1. I understand that other representatives or registrants may provide comparable products that may meet my needs.


  1. A referral fee will be paid by Emma Financial Services Inc. to Kaleido Growth Inc. if I agree to purchase an insurance policy through Emma Financial Services Inc. via its online platform.


  1. This referral fee represents 30% of the total commission obtained for the client referred by Kaleido Growth Inc.


  1. Although the referral agreement creates a potential conflict of interest since each party has a financial interest in it, the referring party respects its ethical and legal obligations, notably by putting my interests ahead of its own financial interest.