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5 Reasons to Hire a Tutor

Succès Scolaire blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Succès Scolaire

October 12, 2016

Turning to a tutor for a little help is gaining in popularity. Over the last few years, the tutoring company School Success has recorded an average 30% annual increase. But tutoring is more than a trend; it translates into a successful and rewarding relationship for both the student and the tutor. Here are 5 reasons that prove this.

1. You’ve forgotten certain concepts

At School Success, most of the tutors are students pursuing a degree in education. Each tutor is chosen based on the particular needs of the student. Thus, the tutor has the perfect background to simplify abstract concepts or complex notions. He or she offers excellent advice, recommends effective strategies and provides stimulating work exercises.

2. Time is an issue

Helping your child with homework requires time, patience and a good attitude. With the hectic lives we lead, this task is sometimes easier said than done. Hiring a tutor to help out is a great way to give yourself a break while making sure your child gets the academic support he or she needs from someone well-equipped to provide it.

3. That one class that’s giving your kid a hard time

Some kids are good students who only seem to struggle with one or two classes. Tutoring is often particularly effective in these cases. A few hours will usually suffice. Something just clicks and the problem is a thing of the past.

This can be a great option if this semester’s trigonometry class is giving your teen a hard time and you want to sprint for the door when he turns to you asking about the sine, cosine and tangent.

4. My child is bored in School

Children who learn quickly may have the impression that the pace in class is too slow, which can lead to boredom. Hiring a tutor is an excellent option to avoid or solve this situation. Instead of only reviewing the material covered in class, the tutor takes things a step further and provides exercises that will challenge and stimulate your child, while ensuring the regular assigned homework gets done.

5. Studies show it works!

Several studies have confirmed the positive effects of tutoring, which include enhanced academic performance, increased motivation, faster learning, developing effective work methods, increased self-esteem and reducing the likelihood of dropping out of school. With results like that, why not go for it!

Benoit Archambault, President of School Success, says: “The key to success is finding the right match. That’s why we ensure students and tutors are paired based on compatibility in terms of personality and common interests.”


Article by School Success, a Canadian company dedicated to academic success for elementary, high school and college students. School Success provides academic support services, including personalized homework help, remedial classes, summer classes and test preparation.