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Emoji Bingo

DeMoiToYou blogger for Kaleido

Written by: DeMoiToYou

July 15, 2020

De Moi to You suggests a bingo game to play at home with your family to help kids learn about emotions while having fun!


  • Caller (person who calls out the emotions)
  • Unlimited number of players


  1. Print out a bingo card and emojis for each player and an additional copy of the emojis for the Caller.
  2. Each player cuts out the emojis and arranges them on their card to create their personalised bingo card.
  3. Each player chooses tokens (buttons, coins, Legos, etc.).
  4. The caller randomly draws an emoji, names the emotion and players place a token on the correct emotion on their bingo card.
  5. The first player to fill a row yells: “bingo!”

Have Fun!


Download the game here (PDF)