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Fun Educational Games for Spring Break

Alloprof blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Alloprof

March 7, 2019

The weather is too bad to play outside? Alloprof invites you to gather the whole family and try these educational games. Note that most of them are in French, so they can help your kids improve their second language!

Children, teenagers and even adults naturally learn through games. By their design, animation and stimulating effects associated with the player’s progress, the video games offered by Alloprof encourage students to keep learning and persevere.

Quebec children play Alloprof’s educational games over 2 million times each month! After the success of games like Fin Lapin (maths), Magimot (vocabulary), PP l’Archer (French past participle), Allo Monde (geography) and much more, Alloprof is launching four new creations. What better time than Spring Break to try them out!


Goal: practise verb conjugation in French.

Conjugating French verbs can sometimes be a nightmare! The numerous inflections and exceptions are part of the challenges students can only overcome by practising over and over again. With Conjugo, they can revise French verbs in an interactive and fun way. The player makes the ninja jump over obstacles by answering conjugation questions correctly.

Irregular Verbs Challenge

Goal: practise the conjugation of irregular verbs in English.

While conjugating verbs in French can be quite hard, conjugating in English can be challenging too, since there are over 200 irregular verbs. In Irregular Verbs Challenge, the player selects a funny animal and helps it go through an obstacle course. The child has to choose the right conjugation so the animal doesn’t fall!


Goal: increase reading skills.

Reading skills have a big impact on a student’s success in school. This is why Alloprof is launching an immersive game all about reading. This game aims to help children about 9 to 11 years old become good readers. The child reads parts of books that were written by Quebecer authors and then answers questions to show he or she understood. The goal is to free and feed a maximum of friendly creatures.


Goal: improve English.

Go over the basics with this game! In the world of Spellers, the player grows his or her collection of magical creatures by answering questions and overcoming challenges.


About Alloprof

Alloprof offers free and stimulating professional services for Quebecer students and their parents to help them with homework. In 2017 and 2018, Alloprof helped nearly 400,000 students, 22 million times!