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“Célébration 50 Pour 50” Event — A Magical Meeting of Mommy-Bloggers

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June 19, 2014

As we get to new phases in life where things change drastically, we seek further answers, advices and approaches. The experience of starting a family corresponds to one of those critical periods. In order to meet the needs of its customers and develop a vibrant community among its client base, Universitas offers quality web blog content addressing education-related topics.

With the same aim in mind, the organization decided to put together a networking event that would target bloggers addressing family-related topics. The event, entitled “Célébration 50 pour 50” and developed as part of the organization’s 50th anniversary, was held on June 12. The happening drew a number of weblog authors of influence and revolved around presentations delivered by four guest speakers ― all contributors to the Universitas blog ― specialized in family coaching.

The meeting was pure magic. Although these bloggers often follow each other via online social media, they rarely have the opportunity to meet in real life! The event certainly provided them with a unique opportunity to network while enjoying tasty appetizers. Participants also enjoyed a series of talks and conferences delivered on such topics as remediation, family coaching, reading education and, of course, registered education savings plans.

The evening was hosted with a lot of generosity and spontaneity by actress and new mother (since last April) Bianca Gervais who did not fail to tell the crowd a few anecdotes. She also showed considerable interest in all presentations as she will host a new TV show intended for parents this fall. (The family-oriented program will air on Télé-Québec.)

The Universitas team was very happy to meet the participants. The organization wishes to make this wealth of parental resources known among its clients.

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