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Mom and Dad: Thank You 5 Times for Setting Up My RESP!

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Written by: Kaleido

November 21, 2018

I’ve gotta give it to you, mom and dad, it definitely took some forward thinking to set up an RESP for my education at a time when I was still in diapers crawling at your feet. I couldn’t walk or talk yet, but you were already dreaming about my graduation ceremony, seeing me receive my diploma with an enormous smile of pride on my face.

I have to be honest. I didn’t always think adding money to my RESP as a “glamorous” reward for my good grades. I liked it even less when you told grandma she should invest in my plan for my birthday rather than buy me another trinket.

Well, today, I see things in a new light. I want to thank you for investing so early in my education, because:

My RESP motivated me to persevere… especially when it got hard.

My school path wasn’t always smooth sailing. While some subjects were easy, others were really challenging. Throughout the years, there were some failures, retests over the summer, make-up courses and memorable study marathons.

I rolled up my sleeves. Like you, I could see past these roadblocks; I could see the finish line to reach on the horizon. And I had everything I needed to get there.

I had the chance to choose my field of study

Veterinarian, science teacher, math teacher, P.E. teacher, travel agent, programmer, video game designer… my interests were changing constantly and quickly. But thanks to my RESP I had the leisure to choose my post-secondary education, no matter the level (vocational, college or university).

I could focus on what matters

That is, studying! By making strategic RESP withdrawals throughout my school career, I made sure to make my education my priority. My educational assistance payments helped me pay for tuition and the books I needed. It even paid for my rent when I moved on campus to a student residence.

Add a part-time job to cover extra expenses and rewards for my hard work, and there I had it!

I’ll start my adult life debt free

This is the best way to start life: with a diploma and zero student debt! This truly is the greatest gift you could have ever given me.

I learned a valuable lesson

By investing for my education early on, without even knowing it, you sent me a very clear message: education is crucial.

At the time, when you told me about this investment and the doors it would open for me, I couldn’t fathom what it truly meant. Then, slowly but surely, I started making plans and building projects, and I understood that I had the resources to achieve them.


Today, I’m getting my diploma. It’s not exactly like the movies: the ceremony isn’t as glamourous and there’s no cool soundtrack as I set foot on stage.

But I’m still giddy with the biggest smile of pride on my face!