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Play Time with Baby

Nanny secours blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Nanny Secours

June 8, 2016


As all parents know, play is a big part of child learning and development. And since children learn through play, it’s essential that it be fun and exciting; play involves a sense of humor. Through play, baby gains awareness of his skills, interests, needs and pace. A child’s surroundings should therefore always be adapted to his age and needs.

Child development also involves much learning through trial-and-error. This means it’s important to let your kids do some exploring solo! Let them discover their surroundings without an overprotective parent constantly ready to engage. Just ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen if your toddler feels compelled to find every piece of Tupperware in the kitchen and decorate the kitchen floor?


Playing is essential to early learning and contributes to the healthily development of:

• Social and emotional skills
• Language and communication skills
• Cognitive thinking
• Motor skills

Age-appropriate games: 0-2 years

Among other things, these games will encourage the development of your baby’s coordination, fine and gross motor skills, language, balance, confidence, patience, etc.
• Peek-a-boo (great for helping baby develop self-awareness;
• Hand-clapping games;
• Reading of telling stories;
• Playing with different fabrics;
• Dress-up;
• Singing songs and nursery rhymes;
• Puppet games (try different character voices);
• Walking, crawling or rolling on the ground;
• Imitating the sounds of various animals;
• Making different facial expressions (sad, mad, happy, etc.);
• Alone-play for a few minutes (stimulates creativity);
• Couch climbing (and learning to get down safely);
• Going up and down the stairs; and
• Stimulating baby’s sense of touch with different textures like water, sand, play dough, foam, etc.

Each of the activities listed above stimulates your little one’s senses and fuels every aspect of child development. Play time will also boost your baby’s self-esteem and sense of confidence. In the long run, any of these activities will have a positive impact on your child’s development.

Now turn off your screen and go fun with your baby. Play, laugh and cherish these special moments!

Laithicia Adam, Family Coach
Founder and director of Lili Rescousse
Member of the Nanny Secours Network