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Reading: a Mother’s Magical Power

Julie Provencher blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Julie Provencher

May 4, 2016

Mothers are important! Important to organize our day-to-day life, to comfort us, to take care of us when we get hurt or to cook our favorite meal. But do you really know the influence you have as a mother?

Like mom does

I’d like to tell you about Jonathan, an adorable seven year old I had the chance of meeting. The shy little boy always sat at the back of the classroom, but through his eyes you could see his curious nature. He was part of a group of children to whom I read stories. When I visited them, I had fun asking those biiiiiiig questions and once I asked, “Why do you want to learn how to read?” From all of their 5 years of age, these little darlings told me:

  • To learn more about whales and dogs.
  • To be able to read posters.
  • To make Ms. Jackson proud.

And then, there was Jonathan… Without saying a word, he raised his hand high above his head, with a determined look on his face. I pointed at him so he could share his answer. Do you know what he said? “I want to learn to read so one day I can read… to my kids!” I think we’ll all agree: this is an unusual answer coming from a child! The boy went on, “In my family, we are four kids, and that’s a big family. But every night, my mom reads to us. Sometimes they’re shorter stories, but sometimes, they’re huge novels! I’d like to read like my mom… to my kids.”

Science through a child’s eyes

These few words from Jonathan helped me better understand research confirming that modeling, a tool that’s passed on from a generation to the next, can be very powerful. With the look on his face and his hand raised high, I remembered how often I’ve read about the benefits of reading aloud in scientific literature. Jonathan’s quiet motivation to learn how to read is unquestionably an integral part of his personality.

Dear mothers, that day in Jonathan’s eyes, I saw the influence we all have on our little ones.

I tip my hat to you, who help write the first chapters of your child’s life. Happy mother’s day!

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Julie Provencher -- Mother/Teacher/Lecturer
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