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Resources to Improve my Child’s Reading!

Julie Provencher blogger for Kaleido

Written by: Julie Provencher

April 22, 2016

Did you know that reading is a protective factor against academic failure? Indeed, reading exposes young children to new vocabulary and helps them develop their knowledge of the world. However, not all children like to read and as parents we struggle to overcome this, but the support you need is out there!

I suggest we browse the Internet together and discover my favourite websites and resources to help your children with reading. Different organizations provide information on early literacy and the development of reading skills; which is a little reading we parents should all do.

Finding New Books for our Children

Of course, you can always find a wide selection of books at your local library or bookstore, but did you know that some websites specialize in selecting those just-right books for children? Scholastic, a long-standing organization many parents may already know, has created a list of their readers’ top picks, which resulted in a list of the 100 greatest books for kids. What’s more, they have organized it by group age so you know what is appropriate for your little readers!

Another useful website which reminds us that our children are growing up and that their taste in books is constantly evolving is Imagination Soup. Mother of two and former teacher Melissa Taylor created this website to share her top picks for teenagers. Whether you have a son or daughter and no matter what genre they like, you’ll be sure to find an exciting read for your teen!

Adding a Little Play to Story Time

Created by a group of researchers from UQAM and Concordia University, Abracadabra offers a variety of online games to learn letters and sounds and to stimulate the development of comprehension and favour independent reading. This website includes activities for your kids in the Play area . Many reading games are available for your kids to enjoy!

Staying in the Loop on the Latest Research

Reading Rocket is a website I just love! Its content is very extensive: it goes from blog articles written by experienced teachers to podcasts from literary experts, as well as research and reports. As a key issue for this education initiative, reading is prioritized on their website. You can find lots of interesting articles: themed reports on different subjects, booklists, tips and even more!

As parents, we are constantly looking for ways to help our children. These websites are great resources and I hope they help. However, no one knows YOUR kids better than you! So keep working at; show an interest, encourage your child and don’t give up. There’s something genuinely magical about your child’s one’s awakening to reading, even if the road to success can be bumpy at times. Let’s not forget that small actions can set great things in motion for the future, and a few reading moments a day can make an amazing difference!

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about my website (only available in French), which is my personal collection of interesting information regarding reading and early learning. You can also find a variety of articles about reading on the Kaleido blog.

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Enjoy your new discoveries!

Julie Provencher, -- Mother/Teacher/Lecturer
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