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RESP 101―All about registered education savings plans

The RESP is an investment vehicle that helps you save for the post-secondary education of your child or a loved one. With generous government grants on top of your own contributions, you can achieve your financial goals more easily! Over time, your savings and government investments will grow tax-free.

Are you interested in a registered education savings plan? Learn more about it with our free e-book filled with useful information:

  • The various types of RESPs
  • The benefits of RESPs
  • Opening an RESP: All the answers to your questions
  • And much more!

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A companion to our e-book, it provides some figures and statistics about RESPs. You can even put it on your fridge as a reminder!

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Start planning your child’s future now with a registered education savings plan. With its new IDEO+ line, Kaleido offers flexible, hassle-free RESPs that fit your financial situation.