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Kaleido launches IDEO+

May 20, 2022

Kaleido is proud to announce the launch of IDEO+, our new line of individual RESPs.

RESPs better adapted to the reality of families

IDEO+ RESPs come in three options: IDEO+ Conservative, IDEO+ Adaptive, and IDEO+ Responsible.1 Each option corresponds to an investor profile. Whether you’re more conservative in your investments, okay with some fluctuation, or interested in responsible investing, you’ll find the product that’s right for you.

Regardless of the IDEO+ plan they select, our clients have access to accompanying services for families.2 There are many options and great offers ranging from tutoring, career counselling for teens, and family finances to coaching and health and wellness.

IDEO+: No sales charges and no contribution obligation

IDEO+ registered education savings plans have no recurring contribution obligations and no sales charges. You decide when and how much you contribute to your investment.3 Every dollar invested helps grow your RESP right from the start!

Education savings plans committed to sustainable investing

All of our plans are invested in accordance with our sustainable investment policy. We carefully select our securities taking into account environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria while remaining focused on performance.

Our IDEO+ Responsible RESP goes even further by incorporating impact investing principles for more positive social and environmental impacts.

A launch campaign created by Kabane

The IDEO+ line was launched with a great ad campaign run by Quebec agency Kabane.

TV, radio, digital, and print ads let you learn all about IDEO+! Stay tuned to our social networks so you don’t miss a thing: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.


Have questions about IDEO+ versus the old group plans? See our FAQ.

Legal Notes

1. IDEO+ Conservative, IDEO+ Adaptive, and IDEO+ Responsible are three separate scholarship plans promoted by the Kaleido Foundation and distributed by Kaleido Growth Inc. See our prospectus at for more details.

2. Some conditions and restrictions apply. The promotions, benefits, and other perks of family accompanying services are subject to change without notice and may not be available in some areas.

3. Minimum monthly contribution of $10 for IDEO+ Conservative, IDEO+ Adaptive, and IDEO+ Responsible plans. See our prospectus at