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The RESP as an Employee Benefit

June 5, 2017

Universitas Financial Introduces its New Corporate Program

Universitas Financial has devoted itself to the cause of education through the registered education savings plans it has offered for the past 50 years. Today, they are ready to introduce a new exclusive offer: the RESP Corporate Program. Companies of all sizes can now offer the RESP as part of their benefits package, an asset to any organization that seeks to be more competitive and attractive on the job market. Organizations and associations of all type can also enter the Program to offer the RESP as an exclusive advantage to its members.

Attract, retain and motivate

“At Universitas Financial, we know the job market is more competitive than ever, especially when trying to attract and retain new talents, and offering advantageous working conditions and employee benefits can be costly and complicated,” says Pierre Lafontaine, Vice-President, Customer Service and Operations at Universitas Financial, the exclusive distributor of the Universitas Foundation of Canada. “We believe that offering the RESP Corporate Program could help employers motivate their employees and stand out when recruiting.”

A program tailored to your needs

Every organization is different, and the flexibility the RESP Corporate Program offers helps Universitas Financial find the perfect fit for each company or organization. Whether employers choose to contribute to their employees’ RESPs or not, they have a large choice of services and benefits to choose from:

  • Free information sessions
  • Personalized on-site appointments with their employees
  • Choice of RESP (group or individual plans) adapted to the employee’s objectives
  • Automatic payroll deductions
  • Possibility to convert performance bonuses into RESP contributions
  • Possibility to make additional contributions to an employee’s RESP
  • Possibility to offer RESP contributions as a performance incentive
  • Possibility to offer RESP contributions to employees returning from parental leave
  • Etc.

A turnkey solution

Universitas Financial manages both the program and the employees’ RESPs, from the moment these are opened to the day the last payments are made. They offer administrative simplicity and provide ongoing support to companies who wish to take part in this program.


To assess the program’s potential, organizations from the province of Quebec were invited to take part in a pilot project, which resulted in about ten organizations joining the RESP Corporate Program.


For further information, visit the “RESP Corporate Program” section of the Universitas Financial website at:, or contact the organization directly at


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