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Winners of our 2019 contests!

June 14, 2019

Winners Of The “Passeport vers la détente” Contest (Quebec)

April draw: Brenda Vazquez wins a $150 gift card at a spa for a massage.

Winners Of The “Je m'investis” Contest―2019 Parents And Kids Fair (Quebec)

Date night at the movies and restaurant: Anonymous from Lévis

No cooking for a week (family of 4): Anonymous from Quebec City

Relaxing spa day: Naomie Rhéaume from Mascouche

Prenatal massage: Marie-Ève Hamel from Laval

Winners Of The “Bougeotte et placotine” Contest (QUEBEC)

Nathalie Métivier from Quebec City, Laurie-Anne Coulombe from Lévis, and Ariane Guay from Quebec City each win a $200 gift card to shop at Laurier Québec.

Winners Of The “Happy Birthday From Kaleido” Contest (Quebec And New Brunswick)

Every month, subscribers with beneficiaries celebrating their birthday can enter our draw for the chance to win a $50 gift card at the bookstore of their choice (from the selection offered).

January: Valérie Mailloux of Esprit-Sain for Jasmine-Laure

February: Hélène Forest-Boivin from Château-Richer for her beneficiary

March: Catherine Wilhelmy from Sherbrooke for Antoine

April: Anonymous

May: Anonymous

June: Caroline Nadeau from Saint-Hyacinthe for Florence

July: Patricia Mercier

August: To be determined

September: To be determined

October: To be determined