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Episode 2 – Changing the World

Episode 2 – Changing the World

-- This podcast is in French --

Want to fight injustice? Defend human rights? Protect the environment? If you’re hard working and have a big heart, a career in law may be a good fit.

Valérie Chevalier chats with Marilouise, who wants to go into law to help others. She then talks to Geneviève Paul, a professional lawyer who studied international law and has traveled the world defending the rights of communities. With guidance counselor Josée Senneville, Valérie discusses the training opportunities available if you are bold, committed, and socially conscious.

-- Podcast episodes available on YouTube with English subtitles --


This podcast is presented by Kaleido.

Design: Coyote audio
Host: Valérie Chevalier
Guidance counselor: Josée Senneville
Director: Geneviève Brault
Sound recording: Jean-François Caissy


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