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Season 2 | Episode 4 - Communicating Creatively

Futur proche

Do you like change and dealing with the unexpected? A career in communications may be for you. Valérie Chevalier talks to Megan, a media arts and technology student, who is curious about the new tasks that accompany the emergence of new communications media. Valérie then talks to Communications Team Leader Jonathan Côté, who tells us how he puts his creativity and curiosity to work for the company and what his daily routine is like. Guidance Counselor Josianne Grenier-Genest provides insights on how to fit in to this ever-changing field.








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This podcast is presented by Kaleido.

Design: Coyote audio
Host: Valérie Chevalier
Guidance counselor: Josianne Grenier-Genest
Director: Nathalie Ducharme


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