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Season 1 | Episode 6 – Finding Your Niche

Philippe Trottier shows us that finding your niche may take time, but it’s worth it. Are you down to earth? Does seeing others succeed make you happy? Then his career path will inspire you. Valérie Chevalier first chats with Raphaël, a student who wants to know how to share his knowledge while keeping things interesting. Then Valérie talks to Philippe Trottier about what motivated him to become an elementary school teacher and how he got there. Guidance counselor Josée Senneville explains how to approach the process of choosing a career and offers tips on how to find a job that matches your values and interests.








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This podcast is presented by Kaleido.

Design: Coyote audio
Host: Valérie Chevalier
Guidance counselor: Josée Senneville
Director: Geneviève Brault
Sound recording: Jean-François Caissy


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