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Season 1 | Episode 5 – Making Business a Way of Life

You can combine entrepreneurship with a love of the land and animals! Alex Loiselle explains that if you have initiative, enjoy being active, and want to be your own boss, farming can also be a way of life. Valérie Chevalier first talks to Aurélie, who is drawn to agriculture as a way to support the planet and the community. She then visits farmer and entrepreneur Alex Loiselle, who runs a vegetable and dairy farm and sells local products at his farm stand. Guidance counselor Josée Senneville talks about entrepreneurship and how you can reach your full potential in related occupations.








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This podcast is presented by Kaleido.

Design: Coyote audio
Host: Valérie Chevalier
Guidance counselor: Josée Senneville
Director: Geneviève Brault
Sound recording: Jean-François Caissy


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