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Episode 4 - Reaching for the Stars

Episode 4 – Reaching for the Stars

-- This podcast is in French --

Graduate studies in science can take you far—in more ways than one! If you’re curious, love to learn and understand, and enjoy teamwork, a career in science may be for you. Valérie Chevalier talks to Julia, a science student interested in biology, health, and astronomy, and Nathalie Ouellette, an astrophysicist and science communicator. They discuss space-related jobs in biology, law, and IT and what to study if you want to work in this cutting-edge field. Guidance counselor Josée Senneville suggests alternative paths for getting there.

-- Podcast episodes available on YouTube with English subtitles --


This podcast is presented by Kaleido.

Design: Coyote audio
Host: Valérie Chevalier
Guidance counselor: Josée Senneville
Director: Geneviève Brault
Sound recording: Jean-François Caissy


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