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Check out this downloadable guide designed to help your teen find their first student job with peace of mind and a methodical approach, as well as how to manage their first paychecks.

Did you know that the minimum age for working in Quebec is 14?

That's right! Apart from a few exceptions, such as babysitters, paperboys and papergirls, teenagers are only officially allowed to work from the age of 14, outside school hours and under certain conditions1.

Our fun and informative First Job Guide will help your youngster land a job that will help them realize their full potential.


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Is your teenager still undecided about their future?

Now's a good time to get them to listen to our career guidance podcast, Futur proche!

This series of episodes from Futur proche helps young people see more clearly when choosing a profession and which degree program to study. Hosted by the delightful Valérie Chevalier, the podcast features young people reflecting on their future jobs, and the stories of inspiring professionals working in their dream jobs.